09.09. Tiburtina Ensemble

Saturday 9.09.2017 -  7.30 PM

St. Trinity Church - Św. Trójcy 4 Street Gdańsk

Tiburtina Ensemble (Czech Republic)

Corona Spinea

“The journey of the Crown of Thorns in the medieval chant and polyphony repertoire”

  • Tereza Havlíková, Renata Zafková - soprano
  • Marta Fadljevičová, Anna Chadimová Havlíková - mezzosoprano
  • Daniela Čermáková, Kamila Mazalová - alto
  • Barbora Kabátková - soprano,  artistic direction


Incipit Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (✝1207): Ara pot hom conoisser e proar

The Coronation of France

Responsorium Occidentem illustrat oriens - Versus Visitat rex omnium

Conductus Gaude, felix Francia
Antiphona Gallia plaudat canticis
Responsorium De torrente bibens De torrente miserie - Versus Regnaturos decet angustia

Antiphona O meriti clari regio - Canticum BMV

The Crown of Thorns

Antiphona Iudei viri sanguinum - Ps. 109
Conon de Béthune: Bien me deüsse targier

Responsorium Altare thymiamatis - Versus Homo sacrificium Conductus Scysma mendacis Grecie
Antiphona Christe caput ecclesie
Prosa Regis et pontificis

The Marriage

Thibaut de Champagne (1201 - 1253): Au tans plain de felonie

Responsorium Spinis Christus coronatus - Versus Spinis coronavit mater

Leich Otep myrry
Antiphona Adest dies novae laeticiae
Conductus Unicornis captivatur

Tiburtina Ensemble

Established in 2008 in Prague, the Tiburtina ensemble of female voices specializes in the interpretation of Gregorian chant, Medieval polyphony, and contemporary music. Despite the short time of its existence, this ensemble ranks among the best in Europe in the field of early music performance thanks to its unmistakable timbre and its ardent expression, very much appreciated by listeners. Concert programmes are devoted not only to vocal-instrumental compositions of the Middle Ages but also to non-traditional projects combining Medieval music with other musical genres. The ensemble performs at leading concert venues in the Czech Republic as well as elsewhere in Europe. In 2011 it released its first compact disc, Flos inter spinas (Blossoms among the Thorns) on the Supraphon label; the second compact disc, Apokalypsis, was released on Animal Music label in 2013 and the album “Ego sum homo” is its third (August 2017, Ricercar label). The ensemble took its name from a figure in Medieval history: Tiburtina (or the Tiburtine Sibyl) was a prophetess who became the best known sibyl of the Middle Ages mainly because her oracles were closely connected to Christianity. The parallels between the pagan sibyl and the Christian prophetess are obvious: their noble origin, their preaching expeditions, inquiries from persons in positions of power, and the ability to see all the way to the end of the world, something which was denied to men however learned they might be.
The ensemble’s artistic director is singer and musicologist Barbora Kabátková (born Sojková) who has been playing piano and singing since her childhood. In 1995 she became a member of the Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir. She studied church choir conducting at the Charles University Faculty of Education in Prague, and musicology at the same school’s Faculty of Arts where she is now a Ph.D. student specializing in Gregorian chant. She is intensively involved in the performance of early solo vocal music, and also plays the medieval harps and the psaltery. She performs with such ensembles as Collegium Vocale Gent, Collegium 1704, Collegium Marianum, Musica Florea, Cappella Mariana, Concerto Melante, the Berg Orchestra, and Ostravská Banda, and is a member of Collegium Vocale 1704. Barbora has performed at leading Czech and European festivals, as well as in Canada and USA.