30.08.2019 Les Traversées Baroques

Friday August the 30th 2019, 7 p.m.
Artus Court (Dwór Artusa) Długi Targ 43-44, Gdańsk

Les Traversées Baroques (France)

  • Etienne Meyer – direction
  • Anne Magouët, Dagmar Saskova – sopranos
  • Jaromir Nosek, bass
  • Judith Pacquier – cornetto & flauto
  • Clémence Schaming - violin
  • Laurent Stewart – chamber organ


Kaspar Förster (1616 Gdańsk – 1673 Gdańsk)

  • Jesu Dulcis Memoria
  • Ad Arma fideles
  • Quid faciam misera
  • Dulcis Amor Jesu
  • Laetentur Coeli
  • Jesu Spes Mea

Marcin Mielczewski (zm. 1651 Warszawa)

  • Veni Deo in nominee tuo

The ensemble Les Traversées Baroques was founded in the Burgundy Region in 2008, and at once defined its project as one of exchange and discovery. Reflecting the original meaning of the term barroco (an irregularly shaped pearl), Judith Pacquier (artistic director) and Étienne Meyer (musical director) present all the sinuosities and asperities of the early Baroque era in their programmes. Right from the start, their project was conceived on a European scale: through contact with young musicians and musicologists striving to remedy the Czech Republic’s isolation on the early music scene and its all too long neglect of a forgotten musical past in the Baroque period, they realised the necessity of creating an ensemble of this kind, dedicated first and foremost to the seventeenth-century repertoire of Central and Eastern Europe.Thus the first programmes of Les Traversées Baroques were created, breathing new life into the captivating works which lay dormant in the archives of Poland and the Czech Republic especially. A genuine recording strategy was set up to focus on the Polish repertory, with 4 CD released in partnership with the label K617 and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. In 2018 a CD devoted to Giovanni Gabrieli and Giovanni Bassano was released with the label ACCENT and acclaimed by the critics. As a ‘Regional Baroque Ensemble’ in residence at the Opéra de Dijon since April 2013, Les Traversées Baroques has developed new and original programmes: the ensemble invites its listeners on a musical journey, setting out from Italy, the cradle of the early seventeenth-century style, and following its numerous ramifications all over Europe. These programmes are taken on tour to national and international festivals, and can involve from three to fifty musicians as required by the music. Les Traversées Baroques has also turned its attention to opera, with a reconstruction of the intermedi of La Pellegrina given at the Grand Théâtre de Dijon in February 2014.

A powerful urge to train the musicians and audiences of tomorrow has prompted Étienne Meyer and Judith Pacquier to offer regular masterclasses, lectures and workshops on the repertory of the early seventeenth century: L’Atelier des Traversées Baroques has been present in Prague, Warsaw, and Dijon since 2008.
The ensemble Les Traversées Baroques receives support from the French Ministry of Culture (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles) as an ensemble musical et vocal conventionné, the City of Dijon, the Conseil Général de Côte d’Or, the Région Bourgogne, and powered by culture.pl